AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
15 hoursupdate pythonHEADmainAleksey Rybalkin
18 hoursremove rtorrentAleksey Rybalkin
26 hourswebkit: lugworm: add new optionsAleksey Rybalkin
43 hoursreplace youtube-dl with yt-dlpAleksey Rybalkin
2 days16.10.2021 updatesAleksey Rybalkin
9 daysaktualizacja pakietów od 09.10.2021v20Aleksey Rybalkin
14 daysgnupg: skip odd minor versionsAleksey Rybalkin
14 daysdowngrade gnupgAleksey Rybalkin
2021-10-03remove libs groupAleksey Rybalkin
2021-10-03move some networking libraries into network groupAleksey Rybalkin
2021-10-03minor buildorder reorganizationAleksey Rybalkin
2021-10-03fixes for coreutils and libksbav19Aleksey Rybalkin
2021-10-02update kernelAleksey Rybalkin
2021-10-02libjpeg-turbo: emulate libjpeg v8 API/ABIAleksey Rybalkin
2021-09-27remove gtk4 for nowAleksey Rybalkin
2021-09-26webkit: use gtk3Aleksey Rybalkin
2021-09-26webkit: another failed attempt to use gtk4Aleksey Rybalkin
2021-09-26add working gtk4Aleksey Rybalkin
2021-09-26integrate lugworm as a patch to webkitAleksey Rybalkin
2021-09-26gtk: update relmon idAleksey Rybalkin
2021-09-26Revert "failed attempt to update gtk to version 4"Aleksey Rybalkin
2021-09-26failed attempt to update gtk to version 4Aleksey Rybalkin
2021-09-25ruby: fix commentAleksey Rybalkin
2021-09-25webkit: build from gitAleksey Rybalkin
2021-09-2525.09.2021 updatesAleksey Rybalkin
2021-09-21libsoup: disable testsAleksey Rybalkin
2021-09-21update libsoup and glib-networkingAleksey Rybalkin
2021-09-1818.09.2021 updatesAleksey Rybalkin
2021-09-16rename libseat to seatdAleksey Rybalkin
2021-09-12bison: update to 3.8.1Aleksey Rybalkin
2021-09-1111.09.2021 updatesAleksey Rybalkin
2021-09-09update vimAleksey Rybalkin
2021-09-09coreutils: now links to openssl for hash functionsAleksey Rybalkin
2021-09-09Revert "tried to upgrade bison to 3.8 but stopped on cpio because too much pa...Aleksey Rybalkin
2021-09-09tried to upgrade bison to 3.8 but stopped on cpio because too much patchingAleksey Rybalkin
2021-09-09update opensslAleksey Rybalkin
2021-09-09update vimAleksey Rybalkin
2021-09-08update glib and harfbuzzAleksey Rybalkin
2021-09-08update kernelAleksey Rybalkin
2021-09-08update fakeroot and setuptoolsAleksey Rybalkin
2021-09-07move libgcrypt and libgpg-error to libsAleksey Rybalkin
2021-09-0707.09.2021 updatesAleksey Rybalkin
2021-09-0404.09.2021 updatesAleksey Rybalkin
2021-09-03remove transmissionAleksey Rybalkin
2021-09-03add rtorrentAleksey Rybalkin
2021-09-03remove physlockAleksey Rybalkin
2021-09-0303.09.2021 updatesAleksey Rybalkin
2021-09-02update inetutils and iprouteAleksey Rybalkin
2021-09-02update libffiAleksey Rybalkin
2021-09-02update footAleksey Rybalkin