AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
11 daysencyclopedia: pep8 fixHEADmainAleksey Rybalkin
11 dayswebbrowser: add more pycairo/tabs experimentsAleksey Rybalkin
11 daysencyclopedia: fix for new DB locationAleksey Rybalkin
11 dayspackmgr: make: change XDG_CACHE_HOME locationAleksey Rybalkin
12 daysremove videos scriptAleksey Rybalkin
12 daysinspector: add support for polish git messagesAleksey Rybalkin
2021-07-15tmux: use polish localeAleksey Rybalkin
2021-07-11replace ubuntu/dejavu fonts with liberation fontsAleksey Rybalkin
2021-07-10merc: add support for local executionAleksey Rybalkin
2021-07-10merc: add support for foreground appsAleksey Rybalkin fetch: make params overridableAleksey Rybalkin cache: limit file name lengthAleksey Rybalkin cache: use subdirectoryAleksey Rybalkin rewrite as class; add sleep paramAleksey Rybalkin
2021-06-21net: implement simple cachingAleksey Rybalkin
2021-06-21some pep8 fixesAleksey Rybalkin
2021-06-21implement Rybalkin
2021-06-20chroot: fix /tmp cleanupAleksey Rybalkin
2021-06-14updater: fix series check if arch version cannot be parsedAleksey Rybalkin
2021-05-21Revert "remove tetris"Aleksey Rybalkin
2021-05-15remove tetrisAleksey Rybalkin
2021-05-02packmgr: gendb: use "Library rpath" to find librariesAleksey Rybalkin
2021-05-01packmgr: gendb: add todo itemAleksey Rybalkin
2021-04-30packmgr: gendb: improve library path searchAleksey Rybalkin
2021-04-30packmgr: gendb: do not lose depending packages on version upgradeAleksey Rybalkin
2021-04-26Revert "backup: skip invalid source dirs with a warning"Aleksey Rybalkin
2021-04-26webbrowser: experiments with tabsAleksey Rybalkin
2021-04-25add colorchooserAleksey Rybalkin
2021-04-25add work-in-progress version of webkit/pygobject based web browserAleksey Rybalkin
2021-04-24packmgr: rebuild/rebuild_world: more fine-grained lockingAleksey Rybalkin
2021-04-24packmgr: rebuild: correct the build order for circular dependent packagesAleksey Rybalkin
2021-04-24packmgr: repair lockingAleksey Rybalkin
2021-04-24packmgr: rebuild: rebuild circular dependencies twiceAleksey Rybalkin
2021-04-24merc: more flexible environment preservationAleksey Rybalkin
2021-04-24add merc scriptAleksey Rybalkin
2021-04-24minesweeper: pep8 fixAleksey Rybalkin
2021-04-23minesweeper: change defaultsAleksey Rybalkin
2021-04-23minesweeper: use bfs instead of dfs to prevent recursion overflowAleksey Rybalkin
2021-04-23minesweeper: add command line configurationAleksey Rybalkin
2021-04-23minesweeper: add debug key bindingAleksey Rybalkin
2021-04-23minesweeper: fix a couple of bugsAleksey Rybalkin
2021-04-23minesweeper: clean the flag after revealAleksey Rybalkin
2021-04-23add minesweeperAleksey Rybalkin
2021-04-16backup: skip invalid source dirs with a warningAleksey Rybalkin
2021-04-10userinit: simplify dotfiles cloneAleksey Rybalkin
2021-04-10rybalkin_org: resume: fix typoAleksey Rybalkin
2021-04-09rybalkin_org: resume: correct creative break start monthAleksey Rybalkin
2021-04-09rybalkin_org: resume: remove locationAleksey Rybalkin
2021-04-09resume: summary: left-justifyAleksey Rybalkin
2021-04-09rybalkin_org: update resumeAleksey Rybalkin