AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
11 daysccache: move cache into ~/.data/cache/ccacheHEADmainAleksey Rybalkin
12 daysvconsole: use smaller fontAleksey Rybalkin
12 daysvconsole: change keymap to polish and try another fontAleksey Rybalkin
12 daysenable systemd services through configsAleksey Rybalkin
12 dayssys-devices: run through bashAleksey Rybalkin
12 daysbase: add sys-devices service for device settings customizationsAleksey Rybalkin
2021-07-15Revert "Revert "Revert "Revert "locale.conf: set polski as default""""Aleksey Rybalkin
2021-07-15Revert "Revert "Revert "locale.conf: set polski as default"""Aleksey Rybalkin
2021-07-15Revert "Revert "locale.conf: set polski as default""Aleksey Rybalkin
2021-07-11remove wondershaper serviceAleksey Rybalkin
2021-07-11add macchanger-wired serviceAleksey Rybalkin
2021-07-11chroot: do not depend on ttf-dejavuAleksey Rybalkin
2021-07-11chroot: depend on liberation fonts instead of ubuntuAleksey Rybalkin
2021-07-09packagemanager: fix readelf exceptional extensionsAleksey Rybalkin
2021-07-09seatd: set root as a socket ownerAleksey Rybalkin
2021-07-08gtk: do not use adwaita cursorsAleksey Rybalkin
2021-07-06Revert "locale.conf: set polski as default"Aleksey Rybalkin
2021-07-06locale.conf: set polski as defaultAleksey Rybalkin
2021-07-06locale.gen: enable PolskiAleksey Rybalkin
2021-07-01cloud: add sudoersAleksey Rybalkin
2021-07-01sudo: keep some environment variablesAleksey Rybalkin
2021-06-28chroot: depend on goAleksey Rybalkin
2021-06-26ccache: use custom ccache dirAleksey Rybalkin
2021-06-26systemd: disable more lvm2 servicesAleksey Rybalkin
2021-06-26systemd: disable lvm2-monitor.serviceAleksey Rybalkin
2021-06-26chroot: arch-depend: specify device-mapper versionAleksey Rybalkin
2021-06-26Revert "chroot: provide any version of libdevmapper"Aleksey Rybalkin
2021-06-26Revert "chroot: remove custom device-mapper"Aleksey Rybalkin
2021-06-26Revert "chroot: remove dependency on libaio"Aleksey Rybalkin
2021-06-26enable seatd.serviceAleksey Rybalkin
2021-06-26add seatd.serviceAleksey Rybalkin
2021-06-22ack: ignore .http.cacheAleksey Rybalkin
2021-06-22cloud: remove kitty-terminfo dependencyAleksey Rybalkin
2021-06-19chroot: add firefoxAleksey Rybalkin
2021-06-14chroot: remove dependency on libaioAleksey Rybalkin
2021-06-14chroot: update pacman.confAleksey Rybalkin
2021-06-14chroot: remove custom device-mapperAleksey Rybalkin
2021-06-14chroot: provide any version of libdevmapperAleksey Rybalkin
2021-06-09gtk: use liberation font as a defaultAleksey Rybalkin
2021-06-04chroot: add qpdf to dependenciesAleksey Rybalkin
2021-06-04cloud: add archive1 volumeAleksey Rybalkin
2021-05-30add chromium themesAleksey Rybalkin
2021-05-29tinyproxy: disable via headerAleksey Rybalkin
2021-05-29chroot: remove media-session.confAleksey Rybalkin
2021-05-22cloud: update journald.confAleksey Rybalkin
2021-05-15chroot: media-session.conf: enable metadataAleksey Rybalkin
2021-05-15chroot: add media-session.conf for pipewireAleksey Rybalkin
2021-05-15chroot: add grim and slurpAleksey Rybalkin
2021-05-15Revert "Revert "chroot: arch-depend: depend on pipewire (for screen sharing)""Aleksey Rybalkin
2021-05-12Revert "chroot: arch-depend: depend on pipewire (for screen sharing)"Aleksey Rybalkin